Three recent activities of Asperger’s Heroes

In addition to coaching and working at setting up Asperger's Heroes as a social enterprise here are links to three very different activities that I have recently been involved with:

1. I have been interviewed on Social Good Podcast
2. I am co-delivering a workshop with Recovery College
3. I am booked into an event for Experts by Experience 

1. Asperger’s Heroes interview on Social Good Podcast

Here is a link to an interview that I recently did for Social Good Podcast. Rhys Morgan, who host these podcasts wants to promote the work of fellow social entrepreneurs by enabling them to tell their stories, inspire others and grow their impact. In the interview he asked me some wide ranging questions about my own journey as someone who received a very late diagnosis of autism, the work of Asperger’s Heroes and about Asperger’s syndrome and autism in general.

2. Recovery College’s Autism Highlights Workshop

I have also been involved in the co-production and co-facilitation of this workshop with Recovery College. It was called Autism Highlights not just because it gave an overview but also because of its positive perspective on autism. Recovery College is run by the NHS but works with others including those with experience of the conditions they are discussing. It provides education about issues that are relevant to people recovering from mental health issues or addiction.

3. Experts by Experience Supper

Next week I am booked into this event for those of us who have had challenging life experiences and who now want to use those experiences to create change. It will be a great opportunity to network with other experts by experience, who have experienced difficulties and injustices and now want to make a difference. This event is co-delivered by UnLtd and the Social Innovation partnership and it launches a project to work with a group of experts by experience.