Services offered by Asperger's Heroes 

Pre-diagnostic Assessment 

Pre-diagnostic Assessment package 
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Pre-diagnostic Assessment

This package is specially designed for adults who suspect that may be on the autistic spectrum but have never had a formal diagnosis.

It includes six one-to-one sessions via video conferencing, telephone or face-to-face.

At the end a report will be produced that could help you if you decide to apply for a diagnosis. Post diagnostic support is also available. 

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 Personal Development Coaching 

You will discuss where you are at in your life and what you would like to work on. There is material prepared for each session that will be tailored to your individual needs. The aim will be to empower you to make the changes that you really want to make. This could be discussing issues in your family life, home or workplace including help in applying for new jobs.
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Personal Development Coaching

This package includes three one-to-one life-coaching sessions via video conferencing, telephone or face-to-face

There will also be material that will be emailed to you before each session.

Completion of the material is essential as these will form the basis of the discussions.

Some clients may prefer to work at their own pace, nevertheless all the planned sessions will be completed and you will not miss out.  

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Each group workshop addresses a variety of learning styles and has material to put into practice in your life. The workshops are aimed at adults on the autistic spectrum but no formal diagnosis is required and partners are also very welcome to come to the workshops and join in.
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Workshops include:

  • Stress Management 
  • Confidence Building 
  • Social Skills Training 

The workshops will consist of coaching input, discussions and other learning activities as well as relaxation exercises.

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